Employee Testimonials

At Stratagem Solutions, Inc., every team member plays a valuable role in ensuring that we deliver excellent and on-time solutions to our customers. SSI is proud to have an employee base that comprises some of the best and brightest minds in the industry. Our success is directly attributed to the professionalism and dedication of SSI employees!

As you consider your future and where you want to spend your time and invest your talents, we encourage you to see what these Stratagem employees have to say about working here.

After having been with the same employer for over 10 years working within the Foreign Military Sales field, I was a bit hesitant and reluctant to accept a new position, and a new opportunity. I can confidently say that accepting that new opprotunity with Stratagem Solutions has been one of the best life decisons I have ever made.  Their strong leadership presecence, open door policy, benefits packages, and the fact that they are so in tune with giving back to the community makes it a perfect fit for me and gives me the happiness I desire in my work life.  A huge thank you to SSI for making this the best place to work in the Huntsville area!

Joshua Bass

FMS Analyst, Stratagem Solutions, Incorporated

I was preparing to retire as an Army civilian employee when I was approached by Lee Reaviel with the opportunity to come to work for SSI. My original retirement plans had nothing to do with continuing to work in support of the Army. However, I had known and worked with Lee and Jason Gullotta for several years and I knew what great individuals they were. I did my due diligence on the company before I made any decision and what I found was extremely positive and it convinced me that SSI was the place for me. From a great compensation package, a wonderful support staff, and the personal involvement of Lee and Jason, I knew this was the only company I would work for as a retired civilian. I highly recommend SSI as a place to work. 

Brian Lindsay

Program Analyst, Stratagem Solutions, Incorporated

It is my complete pleasure to recommend Stratagem Solutions as an Employer. Although employed for only a short while, I have been thoroughly impressed by the care and concern from company leadership, my immediate supervisor and the HR coordinator. I unexpectedly encountered a family emergency and needed to take time off without having accrued sufficient leave to cover the period. Instead of asking me to take leave without pay, the company graciously advanced Paid Time off and made arrangements with me to keep me from going negative while also allowing me to continue to accrue PTO.

The 401K, health plan and other myriad of benefits are equal too and in some instances, greater than any employer I’ve had in the past. I can safely say, my future is definitely with Stratagem.

Jennifer Herrington

Acquisition Analyst, Stratagem Solutions, Incorporated

I joined the SSI team in November 2020 and was immediately welcomed by other team members, most of whom I’d never met. Often times people work for a company for one reason – a paycheck; however that’s not the case with me. I choose to work for SSI because so much more is offered to me than just a paycheck. I believe that leadership doesn’t see me (or any of my teammates for that matter) as just another employee on the payroll. Instead, I believe leadership sees me as an extension of the company and its core values: integrity and ethics, accountability, diligence, perseverance, discipline, and respect. Senior leadership has, on multiple occasions, reached out to me to ensure that I have the necessary tools to do my job. SSI supports the communities of its employees by “giving back” through its SSI Shares program, a non-profit, employee-funded charity organization. I am thankful for the support of my senior leadership, my team, and for the opportunity to work and grow with this great company. Making the transition to SSI was a positive move for me, and I am proud to be a part of the SSI family.

Julie Hill

Cost Analyst, Stratagem Solutions, Incorporated

SSI is, without a doubt, the best company I’ve worked for. Not only does leadership care about me, but also my family. I have been given the resources to be successful at my job and have been recognized of my efforts. SSI goes above and beyond to provide for their employees by providing the best health benefits and a wonderful 401(k) plan. SSI cares about people and the community. It is truely a privilege to be a part of the SSI team.

Katelyn Reed

Operations Analyst, Stratagem Solutions, Incorporated

My favorite aspect of working for SSI is the company culture they have created here.  The “team” translates to anyone working directly with you or everyone within SSI who can contribute to your support.  They practice the daily philosophy that an employee’s success is their own success whether it’s regarding project-oriented work for the customer or for your own professional development.  We’re all in this together.

Mona Candia

Analyst, Stratagem Solutions, Incorporated

It has been a pleasure working for SSI. I have worked for very large companies for most of my career, and SSI is a breath of fresh air. The management and executive staff are approachable and always willing to help, and promote a teamwork-oriented atmosphere. It was evident from the first day that employees come first, above all else.

Lee and Jason have created a foundation that is structured so that employees succeed in their field. The work is challenging, but there are resources always available to aid in delivering first class service to the customer. If you want to be a part of a small team that makes a big impact in the community and across the globe, look no further. In addition to the great culture, the benefits package is second to none.

Daniel Palmer

Department/Task Order Manager, Stratagem Solutions, Incorporated

I started work with SSI on 6 April 2017, but my interaction with the president of the company began before that, when I was in search of any help I could get breaking through the wall of blind resume submission, cross your fingers and hope that it makes it to human eyes. Lee Reaviel was one of the connections I had formed through LinkedIn when I was still active duty in a hopes to build my core network in Huntsville, AL. I sent out over 200 individual emails to my contacts looking for help. Lee was only one of the hand full that replied.

Fast forward a little bit to me getting hired on with SSI. Lee and Jason made a statement to me that has stuck with me. They said they started SSI for the employees and while many people may not buy into that, I did. I have seen them prove it time and time again. On multiple occasions I witnessed them put these words into action, from providing not yet earned paid time off to employees that had family issues big and small, to providing me compensation for half a day of work that I couldn’t complete due to circumstances outside of my control.

Their level of passion for the business they are in and the company they are building are unmatched in the business world. As well as the care and concern they have for their employees and families.

Jon N. King

Department Manager, Stratagem Solutions, Incorporated

If asked, I’d tell anyone that this is a small, starter company that has the grassroots of how to treat you…give respect and be respected. It’s not thrown out there, but lived, every day, both up the proverbial chain with each and every customer, but more importantly, to their employees.

The one day Huntsville gets a severe weather day and folks stay home from work, was the day I was to have my interview at their office. Not outdone by the weather, they simply called me, asked if a conference call was acceptable and I was hooked. Sounds funny, but an interview is a two-way street (they check me out, but I check them out…) and they passed with flying colors. I wanted to continue on, beyond the initial interview, as I believed by the end of this phone call, I was the right fit and I was ready to join their team.

I’ve been here five months and have seen my department manager, Vice President, President more than any other jobs and it was ALWAYS a comfortable interface and their concern with not only my job, but my family has been nothing but simply awesome.

I would leave you with the fact that when we talked benefits, Mr. Reaviel had mentioned to me, and I apologize for not recalling exact verbiage, but we had occasion to discuss retirement and he said that it was his intent for me to work with SSI until then. I thought on that and was very happy to realize that he had already made a commitment to me for the long haul of my employment and accepted me fully as a team member and, again, I was hooked.

Yes, it’s a great company…yes, it’s benefits are always improving and looking to help the employee…yes, I’d recommend SSI to anyone.

Robert " Burly" Blanchette

Foreign Military Sales Analyst, Stratagem Solutions, Incorporated

I have been with Stratagem Solutions for over five months and have enjoyed and appreciated the company’s priorities, insight, and culture. Lee and Jason truly made my transition from retiring from the Army feel seamless. Stratagem is a company that operates with a positive attitude and has its priorities on the customer and its employees.

The company is continually focused on creating new resources for employees such as its top-notch benefits package while continually looking ahead to anticipate the upcoming needs of the customer. Stratagem Solutions is very insightful and strategic towards growing the company.

Lee and Jason maintain a corporate culture that demonstrates high levels of ethics and values which coincide with mine. They make their employees feel appreciated, supported, and encourage them to excel. I am currently using their tuition reimbursement program to finish my Master’s degree on their recommendation. I am grateful to have been offered the opportunity to work for this company. Having been given the latitude to take care of our customer with my own ideas and initiatives, provides that sense of pride to be a team member for this forward-looking growing company.

Anthony Potter

Logistics/Training Analyst, Stratagem Solutions, Incorporated

What an amazing company to work for! SSI strives to place employees first. I can easily brag about our fantastic benefits package, the unmatched retirement plan, and educational and training opportunities available.

The positive atmosphere SSI radiates is contagious and makes coming to work a joy. SSI stresses the importance of family, above all else. Flexible schedules, support and compassion during family emergencies, and the encouragement to place your family first are qualities I truly value as a single parent. Another rarity found in this industry is all of our senior staff are not sequestered, but rather work with each of us directly supporting our customer. I absolutely feel I have made the right decision by making the switch to SSI. I look forward to making this company my home.

For those of us making a career in this industry, we know how extraordinary it is for us to find an employer we’re willing to personally invest in. I am happy to say I have witnessed firsthand SSI’s passion to deliver an inviting and supportive workplace. I am excited to see what the future has in store for this outstanding company!

Kasey Dodd

Acquisition Analyst, Stratagem Solutions, Incorporated

From the beginning, I knew SSI was the place for me. I had never before had the opportunity to join a team with the complete belief that I was in the best of hands – no fear, no uncertainty. SSI takes great pride in being transparent with its employees and has an outstanding reputation regarding its high quality workforce. I immediately felt a sense of pride when presented with the opportunity to join such an elite group of professionals that possess such a diverse realm of talent and share the same common goal of providing support to our nation’s warfighters. It really doesn’t get much better than that. Or does it? SSI is committed to giving back to it’s employees through its amazing benefit package. As an employee, I feel truly valued and as if this is just the beginning of my journey to retirement with SSI.
Tiffany R. Wellman

Product Support Analyst, Stratagem Solutions, Incorporated