About Us

MISSION:  To provide the highest quality and most capable contractor teams to support our military, civil servant, and contractor counterparts pursuing acquisition objectives.


VISION:  SSI understands supporting military service members on the battlefield begins with a commitment at home, assisting Army Acquisition professionals to deliver effective weapons systems, subsystems, and capabilities EFFICIENTLY  to provide our U.S. military service members the tools they need to win.


EMPLOYEES:  At SSI, we recognize our employees are the foundation – the bedrock – of our company and for that reason, we aim to provide employees the support and tools they require to meet the challenges facing Product Managers every day. This commitment to our employees starts with a competitive benefits package and endures with continuous attention to employee needs.


VETERANS:  SSI is a Veteran Owned Small Business certified by the Department of Veteran Affairs, and we actively support those who wear and have worn the uniform in the past to protect our country’s freedoms. We are also tremendously proud of our employees who have served in the past (more than 27% as of November 2021); many of our employee veterans served multiple tours in Southwest Asia, and they represent our customer’s customer – the Soldier.


DIVERSITY:  At SSI, we believe a conglomeration of employees from diversified backgrounds strengthens who we are, the culture we promote, and the services we provide to our customer.  We believe inclusion from all segments of our diverse population will create clarity in our message and enable the SSI team to achieve our Vision.


FAMILY:  At SSI, we recognize the importance of each employee’s family, and consider the impact to one’s family in every decision we make.  We believe a healthy family balance improves morale, job satisfaction, and productivity.


INDUSTRY PARTNERS:  We provide our Prime Contractors and customers with unmatched task order management support to ensure the administrative burden of contracting is minimized to the greatest extent possible.


Values:  At SSI we promote the following values:


  • Integrity and Ethics.  Always do the right thing.
  • Accountability.  Take and accept responsibility for your actions.
  • Diligence.  Establish priorities and remain persistent.
  • Perseverance.  Dedicate yourself to overcome obstacles to accomplish your purpose.
  • Discipline.  Work hard to achieve while remaining focused on your goals.
  • Respect.  Treat others the way you wish to be treated.


These core beliefs create the culture we at SSI pursue – complete dedication to our customers, the hardware and services they deliver to our military service members, and the progressive development of our SSI team.